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Coach Clinics Now OpenBench Staff Requirements – 2021-2022

SeasonE-Hockey and Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Update

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Safe Sport 101: Return to Coaching Community GrantOntario Coaching Report Card Survey

Driving coach education through new eLearning modules

Hockey Trainers Ontario (HTO)HDCO Extensions
Coach clinics are now posted and links are activated.

The GTHL will be following Hockey Canada and Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) requirements for coaches entering the 2021-22 season. The league will operate all portions of our clinics virtually and coaches will receive full credit for participation in virtual training. There will be no requirement to attend in person and virtual clinics will be operated until the league can operate in-class and on-ice portions for large groups.The outlined requirements will be for all coaches (house league, select, A, AA, & AAA) who wish to be rostered to a team. Previously trained coaches may have attained many of the requirements.

Head Coaches taking a clinic for the first time will not be required to have a certified status.

All Head Coaches who require a Development 1 – Certified status but do not have one, can be approved to a roster and considered “in-progress” if they have submitted the 3 certification steps for an in-season evaluation. For information click HERE.

Coaches with an expiring or expired certified status are required to participate in professional development to maintain their certified status. For more information on certification maintenance click HERE.

A Head Coach can be conditionally approved if they are enrolled in a GTHL Development 1 clinic or a Development 1 clinic within the Ontario Hockey Federation before December 31st.

Trainer Level 2 will not be a requirement.

For more information, please visit
E-Hockey and Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Update
As of May 15th, 2021 eHockey can no longer be accessed. Registration for clinics and to check qualifications will be done through the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR 3.0).

If you have been registered for hockey previously as a Player, Coach, Official or Trainer you will be able to view your profile and sign up for a clinic by creating an account in the Hockey Canada Registry. If you are new to hockey you will be required to create a new account and profile.

The following links provide assistance in setting up your account and how to check your qualifications:

How to Create a New Account – Click HERE
How to Link your Profile and Check Qualifications – Click HERE
Safe Sport 101: Return to Coaching Community Grant
This grant aims to support Ontario coaches and participants with the tools they need to get back on the playing field, while keeping safety top of mind.

Sport plays a vital role in our communities, and has been sorely missed over the past year. While we are very excited at the prospect of resuming play, we also recognize that there will be new costs (including: PPE, individual equipment, and more) that many coaches will be responsible for in order to keep themselves and their athletes safe.

This fund aims to offset some of these coach expenses, so that a safe return to sport remains accessible for all Ontarians.

For more information, click here.
Ontario Coaching Report Card Survey
If you are a coach – now is your chance to be heard!

Share your Coach Experience

The Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO), in partnership with the University of Toronto, are launching a first-of-its-kind study into the landscape of coaching in Ontario. We want to make coaching and sport better for everyone. Hundreds of coaches across Ontario have already shared their experience with us. But there is still time to make sure your voice is included, and your sport is represented! 

Let us know: How the sport system could better support you?How has COVID-19 impacted your athletes?What challenges have you encountered along your coaching journey?Why does coaching matter?And much much more…
Click below to take the Survey or here for more information

Take the Survey Here!
Driving coach education through new eLearning modules
The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has recently launched a number of new eLearning modules in the Locker. With the aim to advance access to coach development in an online environment, each month from March until June a new eLearning module has become available for coaches. Each multi-sport module focuses on different issues and topics that are important for a coach to add to their own coaching toolkit.

The eLearning modules includes Mental Health in Sport, developed developed to educate coaches about mental health to empower them to effectively play a role in supporting the well-being of the participants in their sport program, while also supporting their own mental health. Click here for more on the 45-minute module available for free in the eLearning section of the Locker. 

Other eLearning modules are: Support through SportLeading a Return to Sport Participation, and Coaching School Sport: Redefining Winning.

You can easily view descriptions of all the new and existing multi-sport eLearning modules available by visiting the CAC’s eLearning page. Accessing the training is easy: simply follow the module links to log in to your Locker account.  

For more details, visit or connect with us at
Hockey Trainers Ontario (HTO)
The delivery of the Hockey Trainers Certification Program (HTCP) Level 1 and Level 1 Refresher have been transitioned to a new corporation called Hockey Trainers Ontario (HTO). The contents of the program remain the same with the exception of required updates. The pricing levels for the HTCP courses are: Level 1: $20.00 plus HST, Refresher: $7.50 plus HST.
To access the program, visit
HDCO Trainer Level 2 & 3 Extension
As a result of the extenuating circumstances that have fallen on us this season, and with the Return to Play season protocols and the variances in hockey programming across the province, the following HTCP Level 2 and 3 extensions are authorized until August 31, 2021.

These extensions are in place and may be further extended, dependent upon the resumption of First Aid and CPR face-to-face instruction by provincial FA providers. Currently, ALL FA & CPR certificates that expired on or after March 1, 2020 have been extended until June 30, 2021.

For any team that has a requirement for a level 2 trainer and the required FA training is still being held in abeyance, then the level 1 (new or re-certified) trainer is allowed on the bench for the 2020-2021 season, provided that the trainer commits to attending the first available FA training in their respective area. Failure to comply will result in the trainer being removed from the team. 

For level 3 trainers, all trainers have been given a year’s grace due to the COVID-19 restrictions and circumstances.
It is still a requirement that all level 3 trainers be up-to-date with their Standard level FA & CPR and therefore it is expected that once this training is available, that the affected trainers will re-certify.

If you have any questions or require clarification regarding the above, please contact the HDCO at
Additional Resources

Development and coaching resources can be accessed 24/7 on the GTHL website. Links of interest can be found below.

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